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  • Mesh filter bags

    Mesh filter bag designed for applications with chemical and thermal properties

  • Liquid Filter Bag | Hualv Filter

    Hualv Filter is one of the best professional designer, manufacturer and seller of Liquid Filter bags. Our Liquid Filter Bags are made with PO, PE, Nylon, Meta-Aramid, PTFE etc. Call us for more info.

  • Extended life filter bag (POEX/PEEX)

    The Extended Life filter bags (POEX and PEEX) provide outstanding performance on many types of contaminants such as gels, particles with wide ranges of sizes, and particles with various irregular shap

  • Extended Life Filter Bags | Hualv Filter

    Hualv Filter offers an Extended Life Filter Bags (POEX and PEEX) which provide outstanding performance on many types of contaminants. Visit us to see the models.

  • Pleated Filter Bag | Hualv Filter

    Want to buy Pleated Filter Bag? Hualv Filter #1 Manufacture Company provides high quality filter bags with increased dirt holding capacity & lifetime. Call today @ 13816761646!






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