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  • Water Cartridge Filter Housing | Hualv Filter

    Hualv distributes a large inventory of Water Cartridge Filter Housing specially designed for chemical industry, automobile industry and petrochemical sectors. Contact Today!

  • Top inlet bag filter housing

    The filtration process is top entry , Bottom outflow, When the filter liquor running from high to low position, The liquor can stay stable from the turbulence, make full use of the filtration efficien

  • Side entry bag filter housing

    This product is an economy type single bag filter, simple structure design, easy maintenance.

  • Bag Filter Housing Plastic | Hualv Filter

    Bag Filter Housing Plastic from Hulav Filter comes with no metal parts, never rust and corroded. These are all plastic made with excellent chemical property. For details visit our website.

  • Multi bag filter housing

    Hualv Multi-bag filter housing , two kinds of lid-lock equipment: lifting eyebolt and V wrap up filter,V wrap up filter powered by the spring,it is suitable for working conditions requiring frequent r

  • Band seal filter bag

    Band seal filter bag for filtration without bag filter housing






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