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  • Water Cartridge Filter Housing | Hualv Filter

    Hualv distributes a large inventory of Water Cartridge Filter Housing. Our Water Cartridges are designed for chemical industry, automobile industry and petrochemical sectors. Contact Today!

  • Top inlet bag filter housing

    The filtration process is top entry , Bottom outflow, When the filter liquor running from high to low position, The liquor can stay stable from the turbulence, make full use of the filtration efficien

  • Side entry bag filter housing

    This product is an economy type single bag filter, simple structure design, easy maintenance.

  • PP,PVDF bag filter housing

    Full plastic design of the filter, no metal parts, never rust and corroded. Whole-mold ensure there is no seam and dead zone.

  • Multi bag filter housing

    Hualv Multi-bag filter housing , two kinds of lid-lock equipment: lifting eyebolt and V wrap up filter,V wrap up filter powered by the spring,it is suitable for working conditions requiring frequent r

  • Band seal filter bag

    Band seal filter bag for filtration without bag filter housing






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