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Liquid filter bag reference standards and filtration efficiency, which is the best?

Liquid filter bag reference standards and filtration efficiency, which is the best?

Liquid filter bag quality is good, pay attention to is to see the efficiency of the filter cloth, pore size distribution, density, thickness, weight, permeability, fracture strength and some other listed technical indicators.

Reference standards for filter bags
GB-T12625-1990 bag filter and filter bag technical conditions GB6719-86 bag filter classification and specification performance representation
HCRJ015-1998 bag filter bag for bag filter

Liquid filter bag filtration efficiency

Liquid filter bag filtration efficiency is divided into relative filtration and absolute filtration.

Relative filtration: deep filtration is the filtration method of interception on the surface and inside the filter layer, non-woven fabric (also known as non-woven fabric) within the non-woven fibers irregularly interwoven together, large particles are first intercepted outside the non-woven fabric, smaller penetration in, but to a certain depth and intercepted, smaller impurities further deeper, after the passage of particles smaller than a certain size size and a small amount of particles larger than this The particles that pass are smaller than a certain size and a small number of particles larger than that size. Usually used for depth filtration are polypropylene, polyester, NOMEX, PTFE and other material filter bags, non-woven and other filtration consumables such as the internal organization, the thickness of the material, the surface of the fiber will have an impact on the interception efficiency of depth filtration. Usually, this kind of filtration is also called relative filtration, and the filtration accuracy is often defined according to the filtration efficiency of impurities of a certain pore size. Different companies test the accuracy of the filter bag and the filtration efficiency requirements vary, with some defined as 80~85% and some defined as 50~70%.

Absolute filtration: Absolute filtration is the use of surface interception of filtration, particles larger than a certain size 95-99.9% are intercepted, particles smaller than this size all through. The pore size on the surface of the filter bag material must be the same size, the fiber weave must be tight and firm, and the material jointing is required to be able to withstand a large pressure in order to prevent leakage from occurring and strictly ensure the effect of absolute filtration.






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