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pleated filter bag

pleated filter bag

  • Product description: Want to buy Pleated Filter Bag? Hualv Filter manufactures & provides the best quality pleated filter bags with increased dirt holding capacity & lifetime. These come with lower maintenance costs & lon
pleated filter bags are manufactured from nominal rated polypropylene or polyester extended-life needle felt. The exceptional construction increases the filter bags dirt-holding capacity and lifetime by up to ten times more than standard needle felt filter bags.

Core features
Increases dirt-holding capacity by up to a factor of ten compared to a similar size standard needle felt filter bag [1.5 lbs (700 g) per filter bag, size 02]
Lowers maintenance costs due to a longer lifetime
Fits into all Hlvleey standard size 01 and size 02 restrainer baskets
Special surface treatment virtually eliminates fiber migration
Material is free from silicone and crater-forming substances
Patented seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration
The pressure-activated seal ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any bag filter housing

Key pleated filter bags applications
Water treatment
Paints and varnishes
Metal cleaning






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