• Sanitary filter cartridge housing
Sanitary filter cartridge housing

Sanitary filter cartridge housing

  • Housing material:SS304 SS316L
  • Filtration rating(um):0.1-20um
  • Number of cartridge (PC):1-12
  • Product description: Hualv Filter’s sanitary filter is in full compliance with health and GMP requirements and for high-end liquor filtration. These are very much easy to clean and drained thoroughly. For details call 138

Products description:
The design of sanitary cartridge filter is in full compliance with health and GMP requirements,It’s for high-end liquor filtration, There is no hygiene corner in the structure. easy to clean, drained thoroughly, no residual liquid, the highest precision polishing up to 0.3um, We can using the Mechanical and electrolytic polishing at the same time when the filter less than 12 cartridges. Completely solved the problem of polishing dead angle, For some strict cleaning applications, the choice of removable filters disc, to achieve full-angle cleaning.


Housing material

SS304  SS316L

Surface treatment

Mirror polishing

Filter cartridge socket


Filtration rating(um)


Length of cartridge(inch)


Number of cartridge (PC)


Design of pressure (Mpa

0.6  1.0

Design of temp(℃)


Sterilization method

120 /30min

Connection (inlet&outlet)

Quick lock flange

Vent Drain valve

Quick lock structure ID4mm

Pressure gauge

1.5  S

Configuration options:

(1)Sanitary standard housing polishing, The electrolytic polishing for the cartridge number <12

(2)The thread bushing of Vent and drain valve is separated with barb fittings, The pipeline won’t move when venting and draining.

(3)Using the new type of sub-clamp, the pressure is 20% higher than ordinary clamps, it can stand the higher pressure.

(4)Filter bracket with enhanced thread, not easy to slip teeth, resistant to hundreds of times the use,The adjustable nuts in the bottom of filter bracket can adjust do the height adjustment, convenient operation.

(5)The filter disk standard type is fixed, There is removable disk for option which can achieve the completely cleaning.


(1) Medicine, food and beverage production, used in the product bleaching and canning, clarification process requires aseptic production processes. The product can fully meet the requirements of liquid sanitary standard.

(2) Microelectronics industry, For the pre-filtration of pure water, cooling water filtration, deionized water filtration system

(3) Chemical industry, sensation anti-corrosive Liquid, plating solution and magnetic media filtration, cleaning and spray filtration.






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