• MDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filter
  • MDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filter
  • MDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filter
MDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filterMDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filterMDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filter

MDS-CF series Modular self cleaning filter

  • modular design concept
  • high safety factor,
  • free from manual cleaning
  • high scalability
  • Product description: Check out the best MDS filter or Modular self cleaning filter from Hualv Filter with Automatic filtrate liquid back-washing type & modern design concept. For details visit us soon.

Configuration options:

(1) V-Slot filter elements, back-washing thoroughly, back-washing consume less liquid.

(2) Modular self-cleaning filters can purify fluids, protect key equipment, Also We can collect the expensive particle in back-washed discharge liquid.

(3)The filter is suitable for low viscosity liquids, raw water, sewage, gasoline, coker gasoline, diesel oil, residual oil, etc.





Back-washing liquor

Internal filter liquid

External liquid or gas

Apply viscosity(cp)

<50 cps

<100 cps


<300 ppm

Lowest inlet pressure requirement(Mpa)


No requirement

Installation position

Behind pump

Before or behind pump

Filtration rating



Standard design of pressure

1.6MPA  2.5MPA  4.0 MPA

MAX design of temp


Filter modular number


Inlet/outlet valve size

DN50(2inch)  Max flow rate 25M3/h

DN65(2  1/2inch) max flow rate 42M3/h

Filter modular back-washing valve size

DN50(2 inch)  DN65(2 1/2 inch)

Filtration area

A type: 0.267m2   B type 0.314m2

Back washing pressure differential

70 Kpa-130 Kpa

Alarming pressure differential


Pipeline inlet/outlet size


Pipeline inlet/outlet flange type

Loose flanges,  galvanized carbon steel flange

Pipeline inlet/outlet connection type

HG20592-2009(Standard, compatible DIN)

HG20615-2009(Compatible ANSI  B16.5)

Filter modular

V-SLOT  (SS304 SS316L)


SS304 SS316L

Housing sealing material


Fluid control valve

Pneumatic bball valve Protection grade IP65

Valve mat PTFE

Public supply requirement

220v AC 0.4-0.6 Mpa Dry and compressed clean air

Control system

Siemens PLC working temp 24V IP55

Differential pressure indicator

Differential pressure switch , Pressure transmitter

Self-cleaning principle:

The liquid flows in from the inlet main pipeline into the inlet of each filter element(V-SLOT), and the liquid permeates the surface of the filter element (V-SLOT) from the outside to the inside, flows to the outlet of each filter element(V-SLOT) then flows out to the outlet. The particle impurities are intercepted on the filter element surface and accumulate to form a filter cake , When the filtration pressure is gradually increased to reach the preset value (usually 70-130Kpa), or when the cleaning time period is up, the control system initiates the back-washing action, and when each filter unit is recoiled, the other units are still working normally, according to different sources of backwash liquid, back-washing mode is divided into: internal filter liquid back-washing type , external liquid back-washing type.

Internal filter liquid back-washing type

When on Filtration , The inlet and outlet valves is open, back-washing valve is closed

When back-washing, the control system closes the inlet valve of a filter unit and opens the back-washing valve at the same time. Due to the pressure differential between the inside of the filter element and the back-washing outlet, some of the filtrate liquid from the other filter elements will flow to this filter element, rapidly Back-washing filter element, the filter elements back-washed from the outer surface and flow away from manifold drain pipeline, and then close the back-washing valve and open the inlet control valve to continue the filter operation, the control system at this time will perform the same back-washing Action until all filter elements are back-washed one by one.

External fluid back-washing type

When on Filtering, The inlet and outlet valves open, back-washing inlet and outlet control valve closed

When on Back-washing, the control system to close the inlet valve and outlet valve of a filter unit, open the back-washing inlet valve and outlet valve, the use of external cleaning fluid or gas back-washing element surface, the filter element surface cake was washed off , and flow away from the back-washing manifold Drain, and then close the back-washing inlet and outlet valves, open the liquid inlet and outlet valves to continue the filtering operation, the control system performs the same back-washing operation on the next filter element, until that all the filter units are back- washed one by one.

External liquid back-washing suitable for slightly viscous liquid, or the inlet pressure is less than 0.3Mpa occasions.


V-SLOT filter element :

MDS-CF install with the V-SLOT, It has two options, The A type with 0.267M2 , The B type with 0.314m2, The B type is 17% larger in filtration area, The B type applied to the filtration precision under 100um, For the A type is applied to the filtration precision >100um. It has advantages below:

(1)V-shaped gap, not easily stuck by impurities, long-term stable flow.

(2)Good at filtering microfibers, sludge, soft caking and other particles.

(3)High-strength structure, When the pressure rise, the gap is not deformed

(4)To withstand high-intensity pressure.

(5)Filtration rating 25-500micron

(6)The main structure is SS304,SS316L material, It has excellent chemical corrosion resistance performance

(7)smooth surface, easy cleaning

Filtration rating(um)





























ACS series self-cleaning control system:

The MS-CF filter is equipped with ACS series automatic cleaning control system. Integrated pressure cleaning and cleaning time realize double control, according to the conditions of the control filter efficiently. If necessary, the customized DCS can realize remote real-time monitoring.Pressure difference cleaning is suitable for most occasions. It is the most efficient cleaning mode. The pressure difference reflects the accumulation of filter cake inside the filter element or the blockage of the filter element. When the setting pressure difference is reached, the self-cleaning action is started, and the cleaning pressure difference is recommended to be 0.05Mpa, can be adjusted to 0.01-0.1Mpa according to the working conditions. Timing cleaning can be set between 0-24 hours. If pressure differential mode doesn’t work, time mode will work, safety protection function take effect, cleaning period settings should be close to the average period in filter pressure differential cleaning mode.

There are two types of ACS control system pressure differential transmitters. Differential pressure transmitter can output real-time pressure difference. With the highest sensitivity and reliability, easy for DCS to do remote monitoring. The special pressure differential switch adopted by our company has high sensitivity and long term reliability, it has two pressure settings, the accuracy is ±0.005Mpa, one for cleaning pressure difference(0.05Mpa), another can be used as an abnormal pressure difference to alert(0.1Mpa), can be connected to DCS remote monitoring.


Application area: Raw water treatment, water treatment systems, refrigeration systems, electricity, steel, paper, mining, petrochemicals, municipal water treatment facilities, etc.

Application liquid: Raw water, process water, cooling water circulation, high pressure water spray, low pressure water spray, sealing water, diesel, gasoline, naphtha, residual oil, steel cold rolling, hot rolling coolant.






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