How to choose a liquid filter bag?

How to choose a liquid filter bag?
First to 1 fluid chemistry to be filtered according to the name of chemical incompatibility to find available filters, commonly used by PE, PP, PTFE, NMO, and then according to the operating temperature, operating pressure, pH value, operating conditions (e.g., whether it is necessary to withstand steam, hot water or chemical sterilization), one by one assessment and filter excluding applicable. Use is also an important factor to consider, such as medicine, food or cosmetic use of filter material must be granted by the FDA material; ultra pure water must be purified, without releasing material which may impact the impedance of the filter; filtration gas must be hydrophobic material as well as the need for hygiene filtration design etc.. The main foreign filter bag manufacturers have GAF, FSI, 3M, CUNO, U.S.Filter, LOEFFLER, PARK, Vablue filter bag, etc.
2 filtering precision
To remove the particles visible to the naked eye, 25 micron filters should be selected.
To remove the liquid cloud form, to select 1 or 5 micron filter;
In order to filter the smallest bacteria, a 0.2 micron filter is needed.
Absolute precision refers to particles that can be used to filter out the precision of 100%. It is almost impossible to be unpractical, because 100% is an infinitely great value. An absolute filter, such as a film on the market, is strictly a filter that can only be called "approaching absolute".
- --- the nominal precision does not have the standard that one industry co - identified and follows. That is to say, a company can make the nominal precision of the 85-95%, and B company would rather order in the 50-70%. In other words, the 25 micron filter accuracy of a company may be equal to 5 microns, or finer. In this case, an experienced professional filter supplier will help the selection of filtering accuracy, and the fundamental solution is "trial".
3, according to the viscosity of filtration temperature, the professional filter equipment supplier, Ao Lan, can calculate the number of filters needed, how many filters to pack, how much flow rate each filter bag takes, and predict its initial pressure drop. If the impurity content in the fluid can be provided, it can even predict the filtration life of the fluid.
The design of 4. filter system
This may involve a wide range, for example, should the selection of pressure source, pressure to much will filter life completely used, whether you need to install two sets of filters in parallel, suitable for continuous operation of the system, the particle size distribution of the broad occasions how collocation coarse filtration and fine filtration system, whether it is necessary to install a check valve or other device etc.. All these need to work closely with the filter suppliers to find the most appropriate design.






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