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How to replace the filter bag

A, in what case to replace the filter bag

       1、Differential pressure indication: it is recommended to replace the filter bag when the differential pressure exceeds 0.10Mpa (15Psi). Continue to exceed the differential pressure, not only will cause contaminant deposition flow decline, but also increase the risk of filter bag rupture. Allowed large differential pressure of 0. 23Mpa (35Ps i).

2, remove the old filter bag: during system operation pressure is too high, the filter bag may be embedded in the porous mesh basket, it is difficult to remove the filter bag. When this happens, do not yank the filter bag hard, otherwise it will tear the weld line or yank off the seal ring. The safe way to remove the filter bag, quickly shake the mesh basket and use a stick to peel the filter bag from the basket, slowly take out the old filter bag.

  Second, the filter bag replacement steps, must be strictly installed in the following operating procedures:

1, turn off the system: turn off the power to stop the pump, close the inlet and outlet valves.

2, release the pressure: for safety reasons, make sure the nozzle is rushing to a safe place. Open the exhaust valve to slowly reduce the filter pressure.

3、Open the lid: Make sure the pressure of the filter cartridge is reduced to zero and then open the lid.

4、Discard the used filter bag

       5、Check the mesh basket: Check the roundness and edge of the mesh basket. The surface of the upper edge of the mesh basket in contact with the filter cartridge must be flat. Warning: If there is no mesh basket or incorrect installation of the mesh basket will lead to filtration failure

6、Install the new filter bag: the filter bag must be inserted into the mesh basket. The seal must sit correctly in the sealing groove.

7、Check the gasket: choose a gasket that is compatible with the fluid, and use the Huafil environmental gasket to replace the worn gasket

8、Close the lid: pay special attention. When closing the filter lid, make sure the gasket is not twisted or out of the groove. Tighten the nut with ring clockwise.

9、Close the exhaust valve

10、Open the pump switch

11, open the inlet valve: slowly open the valve to observe whether leakage occurs, immediately close the inlet valve and restart from 3.8

12、Open the outlet valve






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