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Filter cloth

  • Product description: The candle filter cloth is a filter medium woven from natural fibers or synthetic fibers. We provide with imported material candle filter bag, candle filter cloth with quality assurance. For inquiry c
Filter cloth
It is a filter medium woven from natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Special filter cloth: PP ultra micro filter cloth, PET ultra micro filter cloth, PPS ultra micro filter cloth, PTFE ultra micro filter cloth, PVDF ultra micro filter cloth
We can provide you with imported material candle filter bag, candle filter cloth, candle filter tube, to provide you with quality assurance.

PP ultra-micro filter cloth

PET ultra-micro filter cloth

PPS ultra-micro filter cloth

PTFE ultra-micro filter cloth

PVDF ultrafiltration cloth

Ultra-micro filter cloth application field
Oil and gas
a. Mercury removal of mercury
Removal of mercury from crude oil to avoid effects on downstream production processes, such as contamination of precious metal catalysts in catalytic cracking reactions
b. FCC-catalyst powder
FCC filtration in flue gas desulfurization
c. Natural gas desulfurization
Removal of FeS and activated carbon in amine treatment
d.MEG regeneration
Removal of low soluble salts and Hg in MEG regeneration process
e. pigging water treatment
Pipe descaling
f. Oilfield water injection filtration
Reduce solid particles to prevent oil well blockage
g. Sulfur recovery
Sulfur removal by sulfur reduction in sulfur recovery process
2. Large chemical and petrochemical products
a. adipic acid
Thickening of raw adipic acid suspension prior to HNO3 centrifugation
b. Aniline
Catalyst recovery after hydrogenation
c. Aromatic hydrocarbons and resins
Recovery of hydrogenation catalysts and salts in the production of aromatic amines and resins
d. Butanediol (BDO)
Catalyst recovery in BDO production
e. Catalyst recovery
Recovery of precious metal catalysts (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru) on Cu catalyst and Raney nickel after hydrogenation of carbon (APP)
f. chlor-alkali
Brine purification, CaSO4 filtration, chlor-alkali industry except HgS and metal Hg
g. Production of epoxy resin
High-purity epoxy resin used to produce PCB, remove NaCL after reaction
h. sodium hypochlorite
Removal of iron and nickel-copper from sodium hypochlorite stream (APP)
I. lubricating oil
Dewaxing during lubricating oil freezing
J. olefin
Filtration of by-products after neutralization in olefin resin production, such as C5/C9
k. oil additive
Removal of catalyst, diatomaceous earth or formation of impurities after the reaction
l. Polyol
Removal of salt produced in neutralization reaction (APP)
M.pps production
Desalting and other impurities in pps production
n.Perfluoroterephthalic acid (PTA)
Recover valuable products from waste streams
o. Rubber chemicals
Catalyst recovery after hydrogenation
p. Toluene diamine
Preparation of catalyst in hydrogenation step, recovery of catalyst and filtration of spent catalyst
3. Fine chemicals
Reaction solution purification, catalyst recovery, bleaching
b. Adhesive
Reaction solution or catalyst recovery
b. Decolorization
Removal of activated carbon adsorbing organic volatiles
c. Dye
Regeneration of intermediates, purification of treatment fluids
d. Fragrance and spices
Recovery of catalyst after hydrogenation
e. Pigment
Purification and washing of products, purification of solutions
f. Plasticizer
Crude oil and cleansing grease to remove alkaline salts, pigments and activated carbon
g. polymer
Solution purification, catalyst removal
h. resin
Removal of Ca(OH) after product neutralization and recovery of catalyst after hydrogenation of C5/C9 petroleum resin
i. Rubber vulcanization
Recovery of precious metal hydrogenation catalyst in PPD production
4. Environmental protection
a. biodiesel
Removal of impurities downstream of esterification
b. Carbon Capture and Storage (FGD)
Filtration of circulating amine liquid in acid gas treatment and carbon sequestration plant to remove activated carbon used to adsorb foaming substances to avoid loss and pollution of amine liquid
c. Flue gas desulfurization (FGD)
Separation of Me(OH)x or gypsum particles in flue gas washing in power plants
d. Incineration waste treatment
Removal of solid particles and SO2 in washing water
e. Quench water
Removal of carbon, mercury and dioxins in quench water
f. recycling
Product recycling after recycling industrial waste
g. Solar cell production
Filtration/cooling water filtration and initial waste silicon in the thickening slurry
h. Wastewater treatment
Chemical precipitation of toxic substances
5. Mineral and metal processing
a. Aluminum recycling
Desalting in high aluminum secondary product (HASP) aqueous solution
b. Bauxite and alumina
Multiple filtering
c. Production of catalyst
Washing and filtering of radium nickel after production, washing of precious metal catalyst during recovery
D. leaching
Removal of various impurities after the leaching step
E. Lithium
Removal of low soluble salts in lithium solution during high purity LICO3 production
f. Production of nickel
Purification of nickel electrolyte upstream of electrolytic metallurgy
g. Non-ferrous metals
Regeneration of non-ferrous metal salts in weak sulfuric acid solution of metallurgical plant
h. potassium nitrate
Desalting before crystallization of potassium nitrate solution
i. Rare earth products
Removal of solid mineral coal gangue in rare earth element enrichment liquid
J. steel
Filtration of electroplated Zn and Sn and pickling phosphating solution, filtration of rolling mill oil
k. titanium dioxide
One wash, two wash filter, vacuum leaf filter and exhaust gas scrubber acid filtration after regeneration of the pigment, filtration of gypsum after neutralization of spent acid, filtration of black titanium liquid, leaching of filter cake, weak acid regeneration and desalting
Filtration and washing of molecular sieves, regeneration of zeolite and molecular sieve materials after vacuum belt filters
6. Medical Biotechnology
a. antibiotics
Filtration of the fermentation broth. Removal of activated carbon from antibiotic solution, purification and washing of antibiotic crystals
b. Catalyst recovery
Recovery of precious metal catalyst (Pt.Pd.Rh.Ru) and Raney nickel on the carbon support after the reaction
c. Cell debris
Removal of broken cell debris during fermentation
d. Decolorization
Removal of activated carbon adsorbing organic volatiles
e. Vaccines and other injections
Cell debris and filtration of the active ingredient after fermentation, stirring of the solution before filling the vial
f, vitamin
Catalyst recovery, activated carbon removal. Desalting and product solution purification
g, X-ray contrast agent
Catalyst recovery during contrast production
7, food - pesticide chemicals
a, catalyst recovery
Recovery of noble metal catalyst (Pt.Pd.Rh.Ru) on carbon and Raney nickel after reaction
b. Crop protection chemicals
Recovery of hydrogenation catalysts in the production of glyphosate and other agricultural chemicals, removal of activated carbon after decolorization
c, fatty acid
Removal of heterogeneous catalyst after hydrogenation
d. Lactose syrup
Purification of refined lactose syrup before crystallization
e, sugar
Production of starch syrup to remove impurities
f, sweetener
Filtration of activated carbon after decolorization step, and removal of hydrogenation catalyst for producing sweeteners such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and aspartame
g, vegetable oil
Separation of residue, recovery of activated clay and activated carbon hydrogenation catalyst
7. Electronic products
a, copper foil production
Purification (PCB) of high purity CuSO4 solution before electrolysis in copper foil circuit boards
b, graphite oxide (GO)
Filtration of oxidant and graphite oxide after graphite reaction
c, high purity alumina (HPA)
Filtration of AL(OH)3 impurities after production of alumina purification in sapphire production
d, LCD production
Removal of sludge from a strong acid mixture such as HF, HCL, H2SO4 during LCD glass etching
e, production of lithium batteries
Filtration of nanoparticles during electrode production
f, phosphor
Phosphor filter
g, silane
Slurry filtration of DPR in silane production
h, photoresist
Corrosive liquid filtration (NaOH)
I, silicon ingot and wafer cutting
Separation of fine particles in cooling water
j, wafer shaping
Filtration of chilled water after grinding and cutting






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