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Bag filter installation method

Warning: Improper operation can cause serious damage to the filter and filtration system. Please make sure you read this manual to thoroughly understand all the steps before operating the system.

Huafiltration bag filters are intended for liquid filtration and purification only. It is recommended that the customer consult with their local HAFEP distributor regarding chemical compatibility, temperature range, system pressure, liquid flow rate, specific gravity and viscosity. Improper use can lead to performance failure and even casualties.

Bag filter installation steps

     1 flow direction: different from the filter element, the correct flow direction of the filter bag is from inside to outside, that is, for the filtered liquid into the bag, through the filter material, after the filtered liquid out of the bag into the next link, the reverse flow will immediately lead to operational failure.

     2 mesh basket support: bag filter must be supported by a metal mesh basket. The filter bag cannot withstand the system pressure alone. If there is no basket or the basket is installed incorrectly, when pressure is applied will cause the filter bag to rupture. Make sure the basket is properly installed before installing the filter bag.

     3 Filter top seal: Huafiltration's SDS seal ring can effectively prevent liquid measurement leakage. The traditional sealing ring can also be used as a substitute, but the sealing effect is not complimentary. Improper sealing of the top of the filter does not prevent leak detection and will lead to filter failure. Make sure the sealing ring is properly and closely contacted along the edge of the filter, otherwise side leaks will occur during filtration.






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