How do you choose a liquid filter bag?

How do you choose a liquid filter bag?
First, we need to understand the filtration mechanism of the bag filter system: the liquid flows from the filter bag to the outside of the bag, and the filtered particles are trapped in the bag, and the working principle of the bag filter is pressure filtration. Bag filter system mainly includes three parts: filtering container, support basket and filter bag.
1. Selection of material for filter bag:
First of all according to the fluid to be filtered chemical name, chemical incompatibility to find available for the filter, filter medium temperature, pressure, pH, viscosity (CPS), such as the type of impurities (soft hard particles particles), impurity content (PPM) and operating conditions (e.g., whether it is necessary to withstand steam. Hot water or chemical sterilization), one by one assessment, and remove the filter does not apply. Use is also an important factor to consider, such as medicine, food or cosmetic use of filter material must be granted by the FDA material; ultra pure water must be purified, without releasing material which may impact the impedance of the filter; filtration gas must be hydrophobic material as well as the need for hygiene filtration design etc..
2. The selection of the precision of the filter bag:
This is one of the most troubling questions. For example, to remove the visible particles, used to filter 20 or 25 microns; to remove the liquid cloud form, to select 1 or 5 micron filter to filter out bacteria; minimum 0.2 micron filter is required. The problem is that there are two units of filtering precision: absolute precision / nominal precision.
How is the filter effect of the lubricating oil filter bag?
With the development of industry, lubricating oil filter bags are widely applied in various industrial fields. Lubricating oil filter bag is the most critical step in the whole filtration process. The lubricating oil filter bag is a liquid lubricant used to reduce friction and protect machinery and processing parts on various types of machinery. It mainly acts as lubricating, cooling, antirust, cleaning, sealing and buffering.
The craftsman's lubricating oil filter bag has many advantages, such as simple structure, reasonable, good sealing, strong circulation ability, easy operation and so on. Especially, the side leakage rate of the filter bag is small, it can ensure the precision of the filter and replace the filter bag quickly. The internal and external surface of the lubricating oil filter is treated with mechanical sand blasting, and it is uniform and easy to clean.






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