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Chemical filter bag re-varnish in the production process

Chemical filter bag re-varnish in the production process

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements of many things are higher and higher, varnish is a kind of home furnishing, varnish in the production process whether the need to filter it? Today I talk to you about the chemical filter bag and then the application of varnish in the production process.

Varnish belongs to the organic chemical polymer materials, the formed coating film belongs to the type of polymer compounds. According to the modern prevailing classification of chemical products, paint belongs to the fine chemical products.

Liquid filter bag 4 kinds of standards:
Liquid filter bag 4 kinds of standards
Style Filtration area Volume (L) Diameter Length
(m²/ pcs) cm inch cm inch
One kind 0.19 7.9 17.8 7 40.65 16
Two types 0.41 17.3 17.8 7 81.3 32
Three 0.05 1.4 10.2 4 20.9 8.25
Four 0.09 2.5 10.2 4 35.5 14
Chemical filter bags are widely used in the production process of paint and coatings as a filtration method. Due to the special production process of paint coatings, pigments, resins, tackifiers and other products are added internally, so chemical filter bags are used to filter gelatin from internal resins, grind particles of pigments, store contaminants, etc.
Do you need to filter anything in varnish production?
1、Varnish is divided into varnish, topcoat, primer and varnish, etc.
2、Each kind needs to be filtered in production.
3、Bag filters are commonly used to filter particulate impurities, mechanical impurities and colloidal impurities inside the paint.
4、Filter bags are generally used with nylon filter bags and non-woven filter bags, and the filtration accuracy is based on the type of paint.
Chemical filter bag characteristics.
Chemical filter bag applicable extreme working conditions: chemical filter bag as a liquid filter bag applied in the chemical industry, the working conditions to be challenged are sometimes more extreme, and chemical filter bag can well withstand PH1-14 this acid and alkali range, CPS viscosity 70000, temperature within 120 °. Impurity content is too high, high flow requirements using chemical filter bags supporting the multi-bag filter can solve the problem.
Chemical filter bags are economical: in comparison with similar filtration products, filter cartridges, filter presses, centrifuges, the use of filter cartridges because the flow is not as good as chemical filter bags, so you need to add more filter cartridges filter, so the cost of the product, the cost of manual replacement, the cost of waste disposal will be greatly increased. And centrifuges in use, there are great safety hazards, while the power of the centrifuge is very high, in the electricity bill is also a considerable amount of expenditure. So a combination of the above-mentioned, chemical filtration using chemical filter bags will be a good choice.
Chemical filter bag filtration effect: chemical filter bag using the international standard EATON inner flip ring, the bag body using all hot melt process processing. This can ensure that there will be no side leakage when filtering, and the hot fusion process can also greatly avoid the problem of side leakage at the connection when filtering.






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